Waste Petroleum Collection and Disposal


Operating Island Wide with Service to All Ports and Power Generation Facilities in Jamaica, we aim to make disposal of your waste petroleum our priority.


Authorized by The Maritime Authority of Jamaica to operate as a Port Reception Facility, we accommodate any vessel wishing to discharge ship generated petroleum waste.


Abiding by all International Conventions we assist in the proper disposal of this by-product to lessen its impact in the region. 

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Less technical, More practical...

  • The most economically viable solution to your oil waste

  • All in One; Collection, Transporting, Processing, and Disposal Effective

  • Specializes in Annex 1 Ship Generated waste

  • MARPOL implementation toward Marine Environment Protection

  • The assurance of working with an Internationally reputable leader

  • Solidify your environmental image and performance


Vessel Discharges Annex 1

RYCO-JA Ltd. Collects Annex 1

Processed at Facility

Turned into Energy

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